All of us are different and are as good as others. However, highly sensitive people (HSP) often tend to be the most misunderstood. Some may call them cry-babies while others may call them weak when in reality, they just perceive things differently. Here is how to find out if you or someone you know is an HSP. 

They deliberately connect emotions with events 

Sensitive people tend to feel highly emotional about every event they witness. They often connect the dots between situations and people which are sometimes unnecessary and frequently irritating. Moreover, such people need an extended period to recover from things that do not even affect their lives. This character trait could be a flaw when done in excess but is generally harmless. 

They are loners 

Generally, a person with overflowing emotions is likely to stay away from groups and crowds for fear of being judged and even feel bad about it.  They believe that they will never be accepted in specific environments and strongly think people will make fun of them. Even in a gathering, they remain silent, avoid arguments and feel comfortable alone. 

They are bad decision makers 

Majority of sensitive people are not good at decision making as their thoughts are confused by opinions. They take a long time thinking about the repercussions of their decision and the impact it will have on others. Although, thinking about the greater good is not bad yet they miss opportunities due to over thinking. They are likely to contemplate over random topics and get tensed over things that are not true. 

They are creative 

Sensitive people can feel emotions even if others don’t tell them. It helps them to pull out their creativity and present it through various art forms. They are also great art critics and can think about things others can’t.  Due to their grip on detail, they can quickly point out mistakes and create perfect art forms. 

They are intuitive

Although all of us are emotional in a way, yet sensitive people are naturally profoundly affected by passions. They can predict things almost correctly and can foresee a person’s move based on the situation they are in. Thus, they are excellent in anticipating events that help them prepare accordingly.

They are easily hurt 

As these people tend to prioritize emotions over logic, they are easily destroyed by things that do not matter to most of us. They feel emotions to the core, and any unexpected event breaks them down. Thus, sensitive people are a bit hard to handle especially in romantic relationships.  

They hate multi-tasking 

It is usual for a sensitive person to get overwhelmed as soon as they are asked to multitask. In such a situation they become anxious and eventually get depressed that leads to less productivity. It is the sole reason deadline-based jobs are not meant for people with higher sensitivity. 

They look out for peace

Sensitive people are always looking for peace as crowded places make them uncomfortable. They are attracted towards spirituality or anything that guides them towards inner peace. Their mind is in a state of constant emotional high, and their heart is craving for tranquillity. 

If you have these traits, it will be worthwhile to catch up with other HSPs and improve on your strengths.