We are proud to present you complete information about the top 3 foods to enrich your brain’s health.  Get sharp, increase your productivity and stay positive with these super food items you can eat daily. 

Fatty fish 

Before anything else, we must incorporate the food with the highest reputation of them all. Fatty fish supplies top quality protein that creates mood-boosting neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Vitamin B12 present in fatty fish is essential to develop a healthy brain and nervous system. Plus, we also get a rich supply of omega- 3 essential fatty acids that are primarily brain boosters.  

As seventy percent of us do not get enough of these nutrients our nerve cells and brain cell membranes do not achieve full potential.  These fatty acids are also anti-inflammatory that saves us from brain fog, depression, anxiety, ADHD, dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Eggs are packed with vitamin B12, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. They are also high in an amino acid named tryptophan that is a fundamental aspect of serotonin’s release. Also, they are the most significant source of Choline which being a B complex vitamin is essential for our health. Moreover, it is a precursor of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter necessary for learning and memory. 

People suffering from mental lapses should eat eggs as it mainly happens due to a deficiency in acetylcholine. It is also a driver of focus and critical thinking that fights with Alzheimer’s. Again, Choline is the precursor of citicoline that helps in blood flow in the brain while improving the brain’s ability to use blood glucose.

Your brain needs cholesterol as sixty percent of it is made up of fats and it contains twenty-five percent of your body’s total cholesterol. Thus, eggs should be in your diet irrespective of your diet plans. 


Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries are a staple for anyone trying to improve their brain activity.  Berries are full of flavonoids that shield brain cells from oxidative damage as it is an antioxidant. 

Moreover, flavonoids are great to recover various cognitive skills like learning, memory and decision making. They also work to produce brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which is a protein needed to form new brain cells. In its deficiency once might suffer from bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia. Berries are capable of protecting the brain from chronic inflammation. 

In such a condition a person is likely to feel anxiety, depression, and ADHD.  Blueberries are particularly useful in flushing out toxic protein from the brain that eliminates the chances of Parkinson’s diseases. It also aids in your brain’s fitness by increasing its plasticity. 

Berries are also rich in a polyphenol named resveratrol that has been claimed to be the fountain of youth. It improves brain connectivity in senior citizens, memory and brain functions in general.

Although, other food items are also needed for a healthy brain yet avoiding these three items will lead to excessive damage. Do not wait, visit your nearest market and buy these products to become a better version of yourself. Happy eating!