The fitness industry has boomed over the past ten years. Now there are fitness channels on every social media platform, and each one of them is giving you a different type of advice. The problem is, not all of this fancy advice works. We believe that fitness basics will never change and we must acknowledge them before doing anything else.  Start your fitness journey by reading about the fundamentals of a healthy body. 

Stay consistent 

At the minimum, if you undergo any physically challenging activity for an hour regularly, then nothing can stop you from becoming healthier. People often buy expensive gym memberships or walk for some days before finding a convenient excuse to become inactive again. Doing a high-intensity workout is not essential or suitable for everybody, but a little jog, a yoga session or trekking through the slope is enough to shed unwanted fat and build quality muscle.  

Take control of your nutrition 

Exercising is one small part of a fit lifestyle while eating the right food is the basis of good health. Sugar is as bad as alcohol, and you must stay away from candies and sweets to manage your insulin levels. Furthermore, eating processed food will only provide you refined carbohydrates that will mess up your hormone levels. 

To keep your digestive system clean and to run you must invest in green vegetables like broccoli that also saves us from the negatives of having a high protein diet. You can also try to stick with lean meats and seafood. 

Again, control the portion size of anything you eat. It will determine a habit of eating as per our body’s demand instead of overeating. For some people, smaller meals throughout the day work and for some other, sticking with three large meals is better. It is a subjective calculation, but in general, all of us are eating more than we need.   

Keep track of calories 

After determining portion size, you must acknowledge the number of healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates it will contain. The calculation must be based upon your exercise routine and fitness goals. You are not bound to eat excessive amounts of protein as it will eventually damage your liver. Moreover, eliminating fats from the diet will curb your energy levels, and you might even suffer from neurological problems. 

Eat a balanced diet and don’t shy away from breaking unscientific laws that have been labeled on our society. You can get a defined physique and achieve an optimum health level by eating the right food at the right time. Those who try to mimic professional athletes not only lose money and time but also degrade their internal organs unintentionally. 

Have the right equipment

You don’t need to have a gym membership to get in shape. While you can just go for a jog or a run, this won’t train certain parts of your body as well. You can get relatively inexpensive aids to help you train at home though. Just having a resistance band can really boost your workout regime without costly monthly gym subscriptions

You should also consider what you’re wearing to train. Buying the right trainers will minimise your risk of straining your feet and help you to work out that little bit better. Get Bra Advice also recommend that women should invest in the right type of sports bra for the training that you’re doing. Wearing a low-intensity sports bra for a high-intensity sport will not prevent damage to Cooper’s ligaments nearly as well as a the right type of sports bra.

Don’t compromise sleep 

Sleep is one of the essential functions of our body as it helps us to rejuvenate and repair ourselves. Make sure that you sleep for six to eight hours within one day. There is no harm in taking a nap if you are feeling tired. Our body is smart enough to send signals about our health, and if nothing seems right, sleeping will probably help. 

Do not end up in choking on a fad diet that does not work as making lifestyle changes is better and more natural.