MMA has become the new test ground for premier fighting skills where everyone wins, even the loser. With its ever-growing fan base, and famous fighters like fallon fox, it has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. From our research, we have concluded a list of reasons that shaped MMA’s present popularity.


Back in the early days of MMA, it was not allowed on pay-per-view as the political agenda of that time could not support such a gruesome entertainment. To make the sport more mass friendly, Leagues determined weight classes for their fighters and drew specific regulations to limit the hazard caused by fatal fights. With time, the rules helped MMA to move out of the underground circuit towards mainstream acceptance.

Benefits to gambling

At one time, boxing was the primary combat sport for oddsmakers that blew its success off the roof. Nowadays many professional boxers who are about to retire tend to gravitate towards entrepreneurial ventures and other passive income techniques (something similar can be found at in order to remain profitable. This might allow them to have a steady flow of income even when they are not in the game as players.

In that light, MMA has lately become another mainstay for gamblers as the fights are not scripted and almost anything is possible. There are fantasy MMA websites dedicated to handling betting on matches that have helped the sport to become a big money combat sport.


UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship is currently the most significant promotion for MMA fights in the US. After its inception in 1993 UFC has pushed its way to the top and is giving fierce competitions to bigger promotions from the same niche as WWE. It has been able to create a lot of buzz and given various fighting machines like Connor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. These people have become a mainstay in pop culture, and their skills have inspired people to become professional fighters.

Social media

MMA is lucky to walk hand in hand with the latest internet boom where social media has taken over other interactive platforms. Athletes from MMA have used this opportunity to create humongous fan following that has not only increased their income but also given MMA unprecedented popularity. The newfound bond between stars and their followers has made ways for more significant investments and today promotions like UFC are earning millions from merchandises and royalty.

Training availability

A few years ago, aspiring fighters found it hard to find gyms that focused on MMA training. But, with mass acceptance, new gyms have come up that deploy specialist coaches to train a growing number of amateurs. New techniques have been developed while researches have improved our knowledge about nutrition and body functionalities. Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu are the more popular fighting techniques, but you can use any other fighting style to knock down your opponent.

Sponsorship deals for fighters

Although every sport provides sponsorship deals yet MMA as taken these contracts to the next level. No other sport focuses on a brand promotion like MMA. Fighters are paid for public appearances and for wearing gears of various brands. They are the walking and punching advertisement boards which draw thousands of dollars from sponsors. Making big in MMA can create a fortune, and that’s another reason for its success.

You can try MMA training too, but remember the fights are real, and so are its consequences. You will probably make good money, but your body will be under tremendous stress.