Motivation is one word that differentiates a winner from a loser. Those who have the will power to achieve their dreams likely end up in a better position compared to where they started. Here are the top four ways to know motivation like the back of your hand. 

Specify your goal

The only way to sustain motivation even through the darkest times is by being particular about your goals. Your productivity increases manifolds when you exactly know what you are doing and the reason behind your intentions. 

Do not work hard because it’s right, instead assume work as a tool that will help you get closer to your goal. It is easier to work for an extended period of times than to realize your objectives. Once you decide something and accept the struggle then work becomes a step towards success.

Keep asking yourself- what’s necessary to achieve the target? And you will never be out of focus. 

Care about yourself 

Sometimes you are not grounded by your mental abilities but by your physical deterioration. You can have all the will power in this world, but if you do not have the energy to finish the work, then motivation will exit from the back door. 

You must get enough sleep to work in an optimum condition or tiredness will pull you back from giving your hundred percent. People who feel sad for no reason or suffer from constant pain are more likely to quit on their dreams earlier than those who are in their top physical condition. 

Try your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will help you going in the long run.  Listen to your body; if it’s asking for rest then do not ignore its demands. Eat the best food possible and include yoga or other physical activities in your routine. Although it might not seem essential for success yet, it contributes a lot more than vaguely thinking about accomplishments.

Winning is a habit 

We do not succeed in life through luck but by being persistent for our goals every day. Though you can force yourself to do something repeatedly but including things in our lifestyles as habits would make the tasks much more comfortable. Remember, will power is a limited resource but the temptation of doing a routine function will never run out. 

Include small habits that will increase your productivity and with time success will become your familiar friend. For instance, a person can walk for 15 minutes every day until your body accepts it as part of your daily schedule. 

Hence, you never lose your will power as your automated behavior completes a task on its behalf. 

Accept failure 

Failure is a necessary part of becoming successful. Those who achieve goals without multiple failed attempts do not have the capability of maintaining their success. Learn from your mistakes, and eventually, you will become your best self.   

Do not hate yourself for having hiccups in between your journey towards victory. The time you spend in struggle will harden your spirit to live, breath and ooze greatness.