Traveling to South East Asia is a great experience that is capable of changing your worldview forever. Just like any other place, travelling to this region also demands some precautions and standard code of conduct that will save you from unwanted trouble. 

Here are some tips that may be helpful-

Be strict with your schedule 

Although, this region has numerous worthy travel destinations yet you must pick up a handful of places to enjoy their deep-rooted culture. Always go for destinations that are closer to each other and are connected via nonstop flights. In this way, you will not lose precious travel time and will also have a relaxed and satisfying experience. 

Be sure about visa requirements 

Many South East Asian countries have a prerequisite for six months of validity on a traveler’s passport. For those who go with visa upon arrival, things don’t run smooth, and they must carry US dollars and passport size photos. You can also print online forms to avoid a long queue which is one of the most prominent problems with countries in this region.  Furthermore, you must grab numerous entrances and exit forms that will help you in case you leave or re-enter the country by any other mode of transport.

Carry minimum luggage 

While traveling to this region, you cannot burden yourself with extra clothes as carrying them around will only lead to a hassle.  It is better to bring a few clothes and use laundry for a couple of dollars. Moreover, you can easily shop for new clothes and toiletries at cheap costs.

However, do not forget to carry a first aid kit, some essential medicines, a small flashlight, tissues, and hand sanitizer. Also, you will need a multi-port plug to charge most of your electronics as hotels will never have enough outlets.  

Prioritize your health 

A smart traveler always reads thoroughly about the vaccine requirements and recommendations for any country, if any.  As far as Bangkok is concerned, you can get the vaccinations on arrivals at cheap health centers and for other countries we recommend you to get rabies and tetanus immunization at least. 

Enjoy alternative travel methods

In South East Asia you have the opportunity of traveling by low-cost trains and airlines which not only get the job done but are also pretty inexpensive. Nonetheless, you must also be aware of travel scams, crowd, and dirt. It could be overwhelming at first, but it is the most important part of your travel. You will come across so many exciting rides and people that the experience of moving through these crowded areas will be a reward in itself.  We do recommend luxury travel methods for those who like it, if you can afford a private jet for instance, then there is nothing stopping you. For others, the joy of voyaging with the local mass is incomparable. 

Take note of your currency type

It is better to exchange your currency after arriving at your destination as countries in this region provide a decent exchange rate compared to states from the west. You must stay away from hotels that offer quick local currency exchange and must only depend on banks and other trustworthy institutions. 

Do not indulge in any activity that might affect your reputation as a traveler. Travel smart and stay safe by making the correct decisions.