Eating the right food does not require a degree in nutrition especially when it comes to kids. We as parents are responsible for their well-being even if it requires us to condemn their most loved food habits.  Just go through our compilation of food habits that will help your kid grow in a healthy and active individual. 

Control the supply lines 

Being parents, you have the obligation of choosing your kid’s menu. Although most kids will pester for less nutritious junk food yet, you must take charge of the food product stocked up in your house. Kids will never settle hungry and will eat anything they get their eyes on, especially in the fridge.  However, do not push them so hard that they stop listening to your commands. Instead, provide them with their favorite treat once in two weeks to keep them satisfied. 

Do not ignore their choices 

Regulating your kid’s meals does not mean that you won’t listen to them at all. Do not force your kid to eat things they hate. Give them various healthy options and let them decide the type of food and its quantity. You could also mix the best chicken tenders along with the salads and see if that’s something they enjoy eating. Kids love freedom, and the small favor will instill responsibility into them. With time, they will try to taste new food options too. Forcing food habits will only make you an oppressor in their eyes.  

Eliminate the “clean your plate up” rule 

There is no point in force-feeding kids more than they demand. Most of us have grown up with the “clean your plate up” practice that was nothing but stuffing more food than we could eat. Unfortunately, this approach will either make your kid fat or get some digestion issues. If they feel full and reject the food, you must concentrate on their decision rather than scolding them for not leaving the plate empty. 

Keep them soda free 

Majority of American kids have developed obesity because of the uncontrolled exposure towards processed foods and soda. Cold drinks are the worst of them all as they hurt a child’s capability to build insulin and also make them addicted to empty calories. Instead of these carbonated drinks, provide them milk from a young age. Even if they reject it, give them things prepared with milk. Eventually, they will start liking it, and the harm of drinking a soda bottle will perish. You can also give them natural juices while keeping an eye on their water intake. 

Become an example 

Leading by example is better than forcing kids to live a particular lifestyle. For them, you are their first and most significant impression, and it’s better that you change your own unhealthy eating habit sooner than later. Kids will not follow your advice but will act like you. Stay away from junk, and they will relate to your healthy habits.  If you do not live a healthy lifestyle, it is foolish to expect a change in your kids. 

Avoid snacking while watching TV 

Giving snacks to kids during TV time is a bad idea as they hardly stop munching. This situation then worsens with time and becomes a habit. Do not mix food and TV or your kids will fall in the junk trap. 

Are you ready to make changes?