Whether you are in a college or work in an office, there is intense pressure on you to look good. The world seems very inclined to judge people by what they wear, instead of who they are. You might feel extreme peer pressure to dress and behave a certain way. This often takes a heavy toll on your psyche.  Here we will tell you exactly why you are spectacularly rare. 

Trends do not define a personality 

Trends come, vanish and come back again. Do not make the mistake of letting a trend define your character as it will only leave you frustrated. Nothing is more stylish than comfort. A person wearing a $1000 suit might not look good, but someone with a t-shirt and jeans can look smart and confident. If you are not able to relax in a particular outfit, then it’s not made for you. Trends do not have the power to hold back your natural charisma if you wear clothes for convenience. 

Develop your style 

History teaches that every fashion icon has developed a unique style sense. It can be anything from extravagant makeup to vintage clothes modified into something new. Identifying your personality and dressing according to it is necessary.  Your clothes must express your thoughts, or you will be conceived as an entirely different person. However, you must dress as per the occasion yet in your own unique way.  Your fashion identity will elevate your presence as a person who is aware of himself. 

You cannot rock every style 

You must not wear clothes to cope up with your friends, colleges or even with the popular belief about style. Every time one tries to impress others, he/she are bound to fail.  Always wear clothes that describe you as a person. Accept the fact that only a few people can look great in many looks, let alone every style- even celebrities can’t pull everything off.  Try whatever you can and choose the one that comes close to your true spirit. Nobody likes to be with someone who tries too hard to be trendy or fashionable. 

Consider your budget 

Do not feel bad for not having sufficient money to buy a wardrobe; you are among the millions of people who are going through the same issue. Even the wealthier people have limitations on what they can buy. You cannot change the amount of cash in your pocket immediately but you can surely re-wire your attitude towards the problem.  Remember, you have to always buy within a budget. Now, find what the most creative and unique way you can dress within those limitations is. As a person who is actively trying to become more stylish, you can create new combinations which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Self-consciousness is bad 

People who are self-conscious of their body are more likely to feel nervousness and hesitancy in their daily life. Looking great is awesome, but nothing can beat confidence and ‘feeling’ great about yourself. Self- loving people radiate confidence, are more approachable and leave a better impact on others. 

Go on, grab what you can and show the world whatever you are. We do not have time anyway.