A man is judged by his shoes. If you are going around town wearing crocs, don’t expect to land the number of any beautiful woman who catches your eye. Here are some great tips to bring your A-game to the world. 

Cover your feet 

It’s a general belief that women hate sandals. It does not matter if you rock the most stylish crocs, KEENs or even flip-flops. Most women consider such men lazy losers who do not have a sense of style. As long as you want to date women, cover your feet with proper shoes that fit any occasion. 

Leather never ages 

By the above comment, we mean that women love leather, and their affection for hides will not be changing anytime soon. Apart from classic sneakers, leather shoes are a perfect choice to impress any woman near you. Although there is nothing unusual about leather shoes, they influence women because they showcase active effort. Leather shoes can match any outfit and when paired with quirky tarnish-free gold-plated shoe tags, they can reflect your personality like no other shoe material!

Avoid boots 

We don’t live in a music video neither we are actors paid to portray a distinct look. Boots should not be your go-to shoes as they are meant for specific occasions at specific places. Majority of women will not like to date a person trying hard to look like a cowboy. 

Yes, boots make you look manly, protective and confident but the new age girl would prefer an intelligent male instead. However, some women do fall for boots and if you find one don’t throw them godly shoes. You found the woman who loves your style but in typical cases leave the shoes for special times.  

Stop wearing athletic shoes 

You must not wear cross- trainers or tennis shoes unless you are really on the field playing. Men who dare to wear athletic shoes everywhere have the least possibility of finding a genuinely stylish woman.  Not only is it a fashion crime but it also makes you look stupid and clumsy. If you do not care about putting yourself as a gentleman who has more refined tastes. Forget woman even your landlord will stop taking you seriously. 

Price tags are not supreme 

A man who knows his style can rock a $100 shoe with ease. You do not need a big label to look incredible. Although comfort and price do go hand in hand to a certain limit, yet good looks depend on craftsmanship and the way one wears them. Do not spend big money on shoes but make sure you don’t compromise on quality. You have to find the shoe-buying sweet spot which can only be achieved through experiments. Those who think that style can be “bought” have flawed mindsets. 

Shoes are one of the most important aspects of being a gentleman and those who carry themselves best know the value of wearing shoes as per the occasion’s demand. Open your eyes to the practicalities of wearing better shoes to become a better individual. 

Make a statement with shoes that highlight your style to the fullest. Its time you take control of your looks and create a super fresh razor-sharp style.