Hair loss is a big problem in men as well as in women. It is a confidence killer, and some people might even give up on living a happy life because of failing hair. It becomes our duty to expose the real reasons for hair loss so that you can take adequate steps to cure it in time. 

Genetics are crucial 

Those who think that baldness comes from their mother’s side of their genetic code are terribly mistaken. In reality, hair loss depends upon the way your body teats dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Both men and women have this primarily male hormone in their bodies. As per your body’s sensitivity, the hormone will bond with your hair follicles and destroy them. Thus, genetics play a massive role in your hair condition and life. 

Stress is harmful

Cortisol is a hormone that slows down hair growth, and it gets released in the bloodstream when a person undergoes stress. People who suffer from anxiety and stress are bound to suffer from thin hair and eventual hair loss. Do not get confused- the everyday stress we feel in jobs, and personal relationships won’t affect us much. Meanwhile, a tragic accident, death of a close person or divorce is quite capable of drowning our body in cortisol. However, people who learn to make peace with their life are more likely to regrow their hair more quickly.  It is a proven fact that hair loss caused by stress is replaceable. But people who are in continuous tremendous stress will shed hair, and no hair product can stop that from happening.   

Your hairstyle can be a culprit 

Styles that continuously put stress on hair follicles like tight man buns and box braids will lead to damaged hair. If your hair is already thinning, then it is smart to stay away from tight hairstyles.  Do not brush your hair aggressively as the aggravated physical force will injure hair fiber.  Wash your hair less frequently and use a conditioner every once in a while.  We are not stopping you from experimenting with hairstyles but overdoing them might harm your hair quality sooner than you think. 

Using chemicals hurts 

In times when we have excess exposure to numerous hair products the chances of making mistakes get relatively high.  From hair colors to gels we have access to so many products and the majority of them are nothing more than a marketing gimmick. On the one hand, we want to use products, but on the other, we do not have sufficient money to buy the best ones.

Thus, we end up buying cheap hair oil and styling creams that do more harm than good. It is better to stick with minimal use of products. We should avoid all-in-one miracle creams and shampoos.  No chemical treatment can bring back your hair’s former quality. Avoid the chances of fooling yourself and rely on eating good food and vitamins. 

Remember, not all of us are blessed with great hair, but with some tender loving care, we can improve and maintain their quality for a very long time.