Reusable bags are good for the environment no matter if they are made from jute or canvas. These marvels of sustainability do, however, harbour a dark secret. 

Keep reading to find out why you really should give your jute and canvas bags a wash every now and then. 

  1. Bacteria may be lurking underneath

Whilst reusable canvas bags won’t do much harm to the planet, they may harbour deadly bacteria. This can build up over time and contaminate your weekly shopping. 

When you are using your canvas bag for raw poultry eggs and milk there may be traces from the product on the external packaging. This can lie dormant and land in contact with future shopping items. 

Here’s how to wash your reusable bags 

In order to combat any negative effect a dirty canvas bag may have on your shopping you must ensure you wash and sanitise it effectively. This will not only improve your health but also the useful life of your canvas bags. 

Option 1: launder your canvas bags 

This option will be good depending on the material of your bag. If it is made of more natural fibres it may disintegrate in the washing machine. However, if it is a more canvas/cotton bag feel free to chuck them in the wash every now and then. 

Option 2: spray and wipe your canvas bags 

If you do not feel your reusable canvas bag will last in a washing machine a simple spray with an antibacterial sanitiser will help to get rid of any germs that may cluster over time. 

How to avoid cross-contamination in your canvas bags 

Washing your product will help you to stop bacteria building up over time, but how do you minimize the risk of cross-contamination? 

  1. Keep your grocery bags for groceries only, this will help you organise your shop
  2. Try not to keep your canvas bags in the car too long, the heat can spoil produce 
  3. Try to designate bags for meat, veg, produce, this is the number one way to stop cross-contamination 

Don’t worry, reusable bags are still a great option for the planet and your pocket Don’t let the threat of bacteria put you off using your canvas bags. They are great for the environment and will save you from having to fork out for a plastic bag every time you get the shopping in. Also, if you get your canvas bags from a reputable supplier you will have a product that lasts you years.