Paper bags cause less environmental damage than their polythene cousins however if you consume them at the same rate you consume plastic ones the likelihood is you will be causing just as much damage to the environment. Here is a quick guide on how to make sure your use of bespoke paper bags is good for the environment

  • Try and reuse them 3 times then recycle them

Many businesses have cottoned onto the fact that putting their branding on single-use plastic bags is a sure-fire way to market themselves as bad for the environment. This is one of the reasons why we have seen an explosion in the bespoke paper bag market with every high street vendor seeming to offer them.

This is great for you as you have access to some quality bags. That being said makes sure you use your bespoke paper bags more than 3 times at least before you throw them away. This will make them environmentally efficient.

  • Try and buy recycled bespoke paper bags

Whilst bespoke paper bags are better for the environment than plastic ones, recycled paper bags truly are the amber nectar. Keep an eye out for manufacturers who provide recycled paper bags as they are usually very well made and will be easy to reuse in a way that makes them ‘carbon neutral’, which is something that many people are now striving to achieve. Websites like can provide other ideas of how you can achieve this goal, so it may be worth checking it out if this is something that you want to aim for.

  • BONUS: if you are a business, make your bespoke paper bags reusable

This one applies to us all but particularly to small retail businesses. One of the best ways to get your physical branding out there is through reusable bespoke paper bags. If consumers know they can rely on them time and time again when they do their shopping it will strengthen the quality of your brand in their eyes.

Additionally, it will also reduce your businesses carbon footprint which is becoming increasingly important from a commercial standpoint

Try and make bespoke paper bags part of your green ethos

Whilst using bespoke paper bags in place of plastic ones will inevitably reduce the amount of waste you throw away it should be part of a wider strategy. Make sure you are recycling glass, plastics and are adopting more reusable products to ensure you are living a green lifestyle.