When people think about paper bags, they typically picture a simple fold over top bag with no handles – the old-fashioned lunch bag! However, paper bags now come with a variety of handle types to suit different styles and purposes.

Take a look at the different handle options for paper bags below:

Ribbon Handles

Ribbon gives a soft, luxurious feel to paper bags and look very elegant. Ribbon comes in a variety of colours, so the handles can be made to suit your exact design style and the colours that are represented on the bag or on your company branding. Ribbon handles are usually just ordered for use with smaller, lighter items when the look and feel of a bag is more of a focus than practicality.

Twisted Paper Handles

Twisted paper is an economical choice for handles, especially compared to those made of fibres, yet it is still relatively strong. These handles aren’t as luxurious as cotton or ribbon, but still add a certain charm to bags and can come in a variety of colours.  Plus, they are easily recyclable as with the rest of the bag as they are made of paper.

Folded Paper Handles

For the most natural and minimalistic handle choice, folded paper handles are the right choice and are also recyclable as with the twisted handles. These handles will complement homemade, natural products, and are simply constructed from a length of standard paper folded at the ends and then attached to the bag.  Just be aware that these may not be the most strong choice.

Cotton Handles

With cotton handles, cotton fibres are bound together to make small lengths of rope, creating a handle type which provides a similar feel and appearance to the ribbon handles but with far greater strength. Cotton handles are usually paired with larger paper bags, as the handles are usually thicker than other types and won’t be as likely to dig into people’s hands when they’re used to carry heavier loads.

Handles are such small parts of a bag, but they can make a big difference to the look and feel of your bag. When ordering bespoke paper bags, don’t forget to choose the right handle option for your style, customers, and business too!