The end of the festive period often brings with it a lot of waste both in the forms of sub-par presents and excessive use of packaging and wrapping paper. Finding a new use for this ‘waste’ is one of the best ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and the waste you contribute to the environment. Here are some of the ways you can repurpose any leftover paper bags you have from Christmas.

  • Use old paper bags to make some thank-you cards post-Christmas

Many parents try and get their children into the habit of writing and sending thank-you cards to show gratitude for the presents they receive over Christmas. A good way to kill two birds with one stone is to create some environmentally friendly thank-you cards out of old paper bags you have from Christmas.

Try and find paper bags with interesting designs, this will help you get creative when making the cards with your children. Also, we recommend finding paper bags made from a stiff material, this will increase the strength of the thank-you cards you make.

  • Reuse your paper bags when you do your weekly shopping

If arts and crafts is not really your thing, one of the simple ways you can upcycle your old paper gift bags is through using them for your weekly shopping in the New Year. Find paper bags with a strong base and you will have no trouble carrying a large amount of shopping away from the supermarket with you.

  • Use old paper bags to store fruit and other produce

Paper bags can come in extremely handy when you are trying to find ways to separate and store the contents of your kitchen. Surprisingly, the old wives tale of storing fruit in a paper bag is actually a great way to ripen bananas and oranges that may not be quite ready for eating. Stronger paper bags are also a good way to separate groceries before you put them in the fridge and cupboards.

Recycle your paper bags correctly if you have no further use for them

Whilst reusing paper bags is the best way you can reduce the environmental impact of them if you cannot find a way to repurpose them, make sure you recycle them in the correct way to make sure they do not end up at the landfill.