The New Year brings New Year’s resolutions, and many will be trying to cut down on the amount of processed food currently in their diet, putting a greater focus on whole foods and high fibre produce. With this in mind, many supermarkets have started to adopt more organic produce within their stores. What exactly are the benefits of having more organic goods like organic jute bags within your home?

  • Organic fruit and veg tends to be fresher for consumers

One of the main benefits often touted for organic produce, is that it is much better for us than the standard variety. This is true for a variety of reasons. Firstly organic produce tends to be fresher, this is usually because it is sourced locally, and does not have to travel large distances, also making it better for the environment. Farmers may have gone to great efforts to get the perfect Commercial Greenhouses for their produce and will take great pride in growing and selling their produce to ensure it is of the highest quality possible.

  • Organic food is often free from pesticides and toxic substances

The second reason why many people are buying more organic produce is due to a large number of pesticides and herbicides that are currently used in non-organic farming. Recent research has linked pesticides to a wide variety of diseases. Many also report that organic fruits and vegetables taste better too!

  • An organic shopping bag will protect your goods

Shopping organic doesn’t just apply to the food we buy, but also other products in our life. When you do your weekly shop an easy change you can make is to adopt organic cotton bags over plastic ones. This will save you money as well as help out the environment. When buying organic cotton bags, try and find ones that are

  • Organic goods are often better for the environment

Buying more organic food and using products like organic cotton bags is one of the best ways that you can reduce your impact on the environment. The lower use of pesticides and the shorter distance the produce usually has to travel means your business can focus on sourcing products that are good for the planet.

If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint in the New Year, seek out suppliers and supermarkets where you can buy organic products. The increase in the initial price you will have to pay will be well worth it in the long-term health benefits for both you and the planet.