Getting the promotional strategy right for your business is essential when it comes to developing a coherent marketing plan. Physical items like business cards, paper bags and trade magazines can all be used to create a promotion on both a digital and offline platform. Here are 5 of the different promotions that you could put on your paper bags as a retail store and the situations where it may be most appropriate to use them.

  • Black Friday sale promotions

When many people hear the word sale the first thing they think of is the black Friday promotions that come in the build-up to the festive period. This is one of the most popular sales of the year and many different companies jump on the bandwagon.

This is where promotional packaging options can benefit you. Paper bags can also be considered as a part of merchandising supplies, as they play a role in creating a positive customer experience and reinforcing brand identity. You can achieve better sales during Black Friday if you adopt promotional paper bags. This is because customized paper bags tend to be eye-catching and can help you advertise your sale more effectively. You can include codes and sales periods on your bags which can help to generate excitement for the sale.

  • Closing down promotional paper bags

If your business is closing down, one of the ways that you can use up a backlog of paper bags is through printing them with some closing down promotional sale messages. Try and use bright colours as this will catch the eyes of potential customers and help entice them into your store. Match the branding of the signs on the shop to the promotional paper bag so it is clear that it is your company that is closing down.

  • Coupon giveaway promotions

When marketing promotional paper bags we recommend some creative thinking to work out how you can make your bag stand out from competitors. Why not include a puzzle or detachable coupon within the bag? This will be of interest to customers and can help you in remarketing to them, getting them back in your shop buying products.

  • A January sale promotional paper bag

The start of the year marks a period when many different businesses look to kick start the sale season. If you are in this boat this is the perfect opportunity to create some promotional paper bags. Including dates on the bag will give customers a clear idea of how long they have left before the sale ends.

Buy good quality promotional paper bags to maximise the benefit

If your promotional paper bag is low quality and breaks after one or two uses this will not leave your customers with a good buying experience. This has been shown to have a very negative effect on customer retention.