Whether you are a regular traveller who has hotel fatigue, or an occasional traveller looking for extra comfort or somewhere more private and self-contained, a serviced apartment could benefit you.

In the past, serviced apartments would tend to be an option just for extended stays, but times are changing, and you can now enjoy a serviced apartment for any length trip! We’ve highlighted some of the key reasons you might want to book a serviced apartment below:


Whilst the space in your hotel room is obviously very private, once you step out of the door, the building is very much a shared space.

Even a hotel suite cannot offer the same level of privacy as a serviced apartment, and this is down to the level of facility that an apartment can offer.

A serviced apartment comes complete with all the rooms you would find in a home, from a bathroom to a kitchen, offering the same level of privacy that you would experience in your own home.

This makes serviced apartments ideal for family gatherings or special occasions, as you can enjoy all of the space you have and gather in one place rather than being in separate rooms and worrying about taking up space in communal areas.


There is no hard and fast rule on the amount of space that you can enjoy whether in a hotel or a serviced apartment.

However, serviced apartments offer on average 30% more space than an equivalent standard hotel. The additional space of a serviced apartment over a hotel room or suite gives that all-important room to breathe after a busy day, which can be important for families or larger groups.

Well, don’t assume that the big space makes it prone to tardiness – serviced apartments are usually cleaned and maintained by professionals in janitorial services, so you can be sure that your space will be tidy throughout the duration of your stay.


Another freedom enjoyed by those choosing a serviced apartment lies in the location of the buildings themselves. A majority of serviced apartments actually utilise high quality or listed buildings which are situated in streets less trodden or more central locations.

This lends itself to an altogether more local experience and the ability to just pop out and see the sights or go somewhere with ease.

Serviced apartments clearly offer many benefits over hotel rooms without any downside. The only challenge remaining is to find the right one for you.