In recent times bow ties have come back into fashion, they are a symbol of both style and class, but what should you look for when purchasing bow ties?

  • Type of bow tie

Similarly to regular ties, several types of bow ties are available. On of the most popular options is self-tied, also known as ‘freestyle’, as the names suggests these are bow ties you tie yourself; they do not tend to look perfectly symmetrical which is part of the appeal; they give of a relaxed gentleman style. Although ready-tied bow ties lack the character of a self-tie, they are also a common choice; they tend to look extremely neat and are easy to put on.

  • What occasion should you wear a bow tie?

Bow ties can be worn in many settings; the most common and traditional is with a tuxedo at a formal black tie event. However, bow ties are versatile and can also be worn in causal settings.

  • Should your bow tie be patterned or plain?

Why not consider a custom bow tie in the style, pattern, colour or motif of your choice? Whilst a plain bow tie looks classic and smart, a patterned design can be eye-catching and add dimension to your outfit!

  • The different bow tie shapes

Among the most popular shapes of bow tie are the butterfly, the batwing and the diamond point. The butterfly, otherwise known as the thistle is a great bow tie for beginners. The batwing is straighter and slimmer than the butterfly and has a more rectangular look; it’s a classic shape – great for black tie and less formal events. The diamond point has pointed ends; it has an asymmetrical look and tends to look great in causal settings.

  • Bow tie sizing

Bow ties tend to be one-size-for-all, neck straps tend to have adjustable sliders or a hook and hole arrangement. 

Why not consider investing in your very own custom bow ties? Check out this UK bow tie manufacturer for more information.