Wedding anniversaries are an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy relationship. Anniversaries should be a time to celebrate your love and time spent together. However, sometimes coming up with a unique and fun anniversary gift to celebrate your love can be quite difficult. So what should you do if you’re struggling to come up with an anniversary gift? Here are six funny anniversary gifts for your special someone.

Clothing Bouquet

Growing up, children always seem to hate receiving clothes as a present. However, as people get older they start warming up to the idea of receiving clothing. One cute and funny thing that you can do for an anniversary gift is to fold new clothing that you purchased for your special someone into a “clothing bouquet”. Not only is this gift something practical that they can use, but it also comes in a presentation that is sure to be quite funny and generate some conversation. If you think your partner would love to wear your face all day, have a look at Face Socks USA as they let you put your photo on socks.

Time Capsule

A time capsule can be a great way to celebrate your love and look toward the future. First, get a container that can hold several items that are symbolic of your relationship. You and your partner can decide what items go into the time capsule together. Next, bury the time capsule in some location. You and your partner will then need to decide when you should dig up your time capsule. Common ranges include anywhere from five to ten years. Burying a time capsule can be a great way to celebrate your love’s past while giving you a future surprise as well.

Singing Telegram

One of the more interesting and funny ways to say “I love you” on your anniversary is to hire someone to deliver a singing telegram. If you’re not aware of what a singing telegram is, it is when you hire a performer to sing a personal message to someone. As you might expect, this can oftentimes be quite cute and hilarious, making it the perfect funny anniversary gift. One cool thing you can do is announce your real gift with a singing telegram in Virginia Beach. Vacation getaways may be your ultimate gift to your partner, but announcing that gift with a singing telegram would be truly hilarious.

DIY Wine Box

Everyone loves some wine, so why not get your special someone something wine related for your anniversary? A great funny gift you can give your partner is a special DIY Wine Box. You can create it yourself, adding your own personal flair. You also can include all of your partner’s favorite wines inside, making it a guaranteed hit with them. If you want to make the gift funnier, you can always add a personal message or an inside joke to the customized box.

Open When Jar

Another great DIY anniversary gift is an “open when jar”. The idea behind this gift is to get a jar and fill it with handwritten notes. Each note has a color-coded distinction indicating when it should be opened. For example, one category may be “Open when you miss me” and another may be “Open when feeling nostalgic“. It may take a while to handwrite all the notes and make it look pretty, but this idea can be an extremely unique and fun way to celebrate your life.

Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is a relatively common gift in relationships, especially for anniversary celebrations. However, this can often be seen as a standard option that isn’t too personalized. One way that you can customize it to your partner is by having it custom made. There are plenty of jewelry outlets that are willing to engrave a name or date onto a product. In addition, many outlets sell custom jewelry that can be tailored to your partner. One example may have the coordinates of where you got married, while another may have an image of what type of moon was present the night of your wedding. Jewelry is a standard anniversary gift, but there are plenty of ways that you can make it cute and funny for your partner.