What gift can you get someone whose life is primarily spent collecting experiences rather than things? While paying for a trip is something that’s sure to be appreciated, that option probably isn’t affordable for most, especially if you just bought a new home among the real estate in Toronto or anywhere else. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of useful things you can get for the traveler in your life that won’t put you way over your budget.

Hidden Pocket Scarves

One of the biggest worries that come with traveling to a big foreign city is the possibility of losing important items to theft. In fact, a recent survey found that one of the major concerns of most travelers (61 percent), is the possibility of muggings. Speakeasy Travel Supply came up with a great accessory that provides the perfect solution. It makes unique travel scarves with a hidden pocket. The “secret” pocket is impossible for others to spot, yet it can hold a roll of bills, a passport, and even a cell phone. They’re all hand-sewn and come in a variety of fabrics and colors that your traveler is sure to appreciate. 

Travel Shoe Slippers 

The stress of traveling through airports, not to mention usually having to walk a long way to the gate and then being stuck in a tiny airplane seat, makes footwear an important consideration for any traveler. Having a shoe that’s lightweight, fits well, with good cushioning, can help prevent aching feet and lower stress levels too. TIME slippers have yoga mat insoles, a special technical material with 6mm of cushioning and fit like a glove, gliding with the natural movement of the feet. Incredibly comfortable, every time your traveler wears them, he or she is sure to be grateful for this thoughtful gift. 

A blanket 

When travelling, especially on a plane, a blanket is essential. It can keep us warm on a cold flight or act as a comforter when in a hotel room. However it’s used, it’s a great gift to give. Every traveller would appreciate a warm blanket, but for those sentimental travellers, quilt blankets are also a great gift idea. Not only will they be able to keep warm and comfy, but they will have something that reminds them of home too. This is excellent for anyone going backpacking or travelling for a long period and may not return home for several months at a time.

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Sleeping on an overnight, long-haul flight is the key to beating jet lag and feeling rested once you get to your destination, but if you’ve ever tried it, you probably know how difficult that is, from screaming babies to chatty passengers and food carts being pushed up and down the aisle. That’s where Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones come in. 

Consistently rated as the best noise-cancelling headphones available, they’ll help your traveler get some shut-eye on that flight while providing the quality tunes Bose is known for. The battery lasts for 20 hours per charge, and up to 40 in wired mode. It comes with a carrying case, USB charging cable, a backup audio cable, and an airline adapter that can be plugged into the airline jack for powerful, balanced sound for listening to movies or music.

Scratch the World Travel Map

If your budget is limited, this world travel map will allow your traveler to show off all of those places they’ve visited. Most avid travelers love maps, and they’ll be able to customize this one to create their own personal travel story. It has an impressive amount of detail, with countries featured in various colors, along with cities, mountains, hills, rivers, and more, all printed on high-quality silk art paper with a glossy coating. It works similar to a lottery scratch card by using a coin to scratch off the coating and reveal the destination they’ve been fortunate enough to experience.