Almost everyone loves to travel, and if that is a fact for you, you can capitalize your passion with a business that not only will it allow you to visit new places, but you’ll also be making a profit out of it.

There are certain business models you can join, or you can create your own plan and have as much fun as you want with it. The good idea is to think of what you, as a traveler, would like but can’t find anywhere and start from there.

To achieve this, you’ll need to sit down and plan ahead, do some research and look for financing (if you are going serious with it). A good way to do it is with a working capital loan that will enable you to have the cash you need for equipment, expenses, marketing, etc. Read more in this article from

So, now that you know what’s out there, you wrote a business plan and you have deals with airlines and hotels to get lower costs, it’s time to get started. But if you are still in the fences on the whole “what to do” part, here are some ideas you can tweak for your benefit.

Travel agency

This is the mainstream way to turn your traveling passion into a business. You can print catalogs and wire-o booklets through a company similar to Printivity, to produce a portfolio of travel plans, destinations, booking charges, and itineraries to share with your customers. Sure, you’ll have an office that will require a lot of your time. This is because you might have to attend to the customers. You may also have to furnish the office with luxury-looking office chairs and tables from office monster or similar office furniture suppliers to make a good impression on the clients. The good part about all this effort is that you’ll also visit destinations to make deals with hospitality and food partners. There are franchise models that you can join or establish your own business, depending on how much time and money you want to invest.

Kids educational trips

Having a regular offer of educational trips for kids will force you to know the destination so you can prepare a smart, fun, and full of historical references and fun facts to your itinerary. Sell these packages to schools or individuals but always focus on education and groups, so you’ll get cheaper deals. You can even include teens and adults depending on the cultural destination and, like so, opening a new branch of the business.

If you are in charge of kids, then you probably should hire some personnel to help you since that is a bigger responsibility. A working capital loan can finance your business expansion.

Tour guide agency

Decide if you want to go local or reach a wider geographic option, where you can visit different places. But always remember that your job will be to know every corner and every place in that destination, so field research, homework, and study will be a big part of your work. Create different tours, like a day downtown, bar hoping for adults at night, and a museum race. The idea is that you make it different from the competition and super exciting for your customer. Moreover, you can promote these unique travel plans through social media and your business websites. You can also use a few strategies to grab the attention of travelers online, for instance, through SEO (try this site for more info), you can improve your company’s lead conversion rate and earn money while living your passion of traveling.

Import and export

If you love something from other countries, like products from a store or handcrafts that are not sold in your country or city, you have a market. Travel to different places, make deals with local suppliers, and start an import and export business. If you want, you can also become a courier for those new partners. Just make sure that what you are traveling with is completely legal and respects the different trade agreements in place.


This or other artistic skill you may have and can be a good way to work all over the world. Imagine a studio where people can buy pictures, ask you or your staff to travel to different locations to photograph them, create promotional videos to promote tourism. If you don’t have these or similar skills, you can still have a lot of fun managing a company that offers this service and tag along with your artists to visit your favorite destinations.

Remember that a good business plan includes market size, target audience, risk analysis, competition, financial projections, and funding options. Every model will require money, so research the working capital loan that fits best with your needs and include them in your plans.

This way, you’ll have a great kick-off and a growing business in no time. Make partners, create jobs, and start turning your passion into a high potential business. It’s all up to you.