If you want to look and feel younger, an anti aging massage for face is a must! Facials have been around for centuries as a way to treat the body. But it is not only the elderly who can benefit from a facial.

While many of us go to the beauty salon for a traditional waxing or manicure, there are some benefits to massaging the skin on the outside. The first is that it is kinder to the skin and reduces redness. A second advantage is that it tightens the skin so it sags less. It is also great for removing dead skin cells.

In a regular massage, the therapist will rub your entire body. But in various medical spas in Wellington (www.fyinstitute.com/location/wellington/ for example), or elsewhere, you can get a similar but more focused treatment on the face, by professionals using a special cream. This is something you can do yourself as well. Once you have an idea of what to do, you can start by applying the cream before the massage to moisturize and tighten the skin. After the massage, the cream will help to regenerate the skin.

When you are looking for an anti wrinkle cream, look for one with avocado oil, Shea butter, active Manuka honey and cucumber extracts. You might also like to include vitamins C and E. Other ingredients you may want to include are antioxidants like coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A, D, E and K. Look for skincare products that contain these, along with natural oils like olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. If you use only one cream, make sure it contains Shea butter. It has natural healing properties that stimulate collagen production naturally. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles. If none of these are working in your favor, look for a cosmetic surgery and skin clinic like 8 West.

Don’t overdo it. It is important to follow the directions on the massage product. You don’t want to over-dry the skin or apply too much. An anti-wrinkle cream is supposed to be a light, gentle massage to soothe and sooth the skin. So, take one just a few minutes, no more. It is better to have a little massage every day than a lot when you are trying to fight wrinkles.

Whether you choose an anti-aging massage for the face or other treatment, make sure not to be aggressive with your skin. The massage is meant to be soothing. Remember, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before starting a new massage regimen. You can also avail dermatology therapy for your skin, such as those that make use of an ultrasound facial device which can increase collagen formation to provide you with tighter skin, reduce wrinkles and bulging areas. These treatments use an ultrasound light beam to penetrate your skin cells without the requirement of surgery, which can be an effective and efficient method of treatment.

A really effective anti aging massage for face is one with essential oils. You want your massage to be invigorating as well as moisturizing. Essential oils work naturally to soften the skin and soothe tight, dry areas. It’s best if the essential oils come from plants in their raw forms, such as tea tree oil.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water after your massage. Water will hydrate your skin and help to minimize breakouts. It can also relieve tired, tight muscles. Drinking water right after your massage can really do wonders for your complexion. After your massage, you can relax with a nice, hot cup of tea or cocoa.