The contact lenses for sports are designed to improve the wearer’s vision and performance during sporting activities. These new contact lenses are designed with two-lens technology, which features both hydrophilic materials and ionic polymers for improved vision.

Sports contact lenses are not just for athletes. They can be used by any person who is participating in sporting activities, whether it is running, cycling, skiing, or snowboarding. Speak with our opticians Batley for further advice 

Advantages of exercising with contact lenses

Exercising with contact lenses has a number of benefits that can be seen in the short and long-term.

Contact lenses have been around for a few decades now, but within the past few years their popularity has skyrocketed. One big reason is that they are more comfortable to wear than ever before with modern advances in technology. Some people may not realize this, but if you wear contacts when you exercise – your eyes will be less prone to irritation from sweat and the irritating particles in the air

The benefits of wearing contacts when exercising are numerous. One big one is that they will help to keep your eyes from drying out and suffering from inflammation during a workout which could lead to vision loss in the future. Need further advice, speak with our opticians Blackley.

Another benefit of wearing contacts when exercising is that it allows you to experience a greater field of vision.

Myths of wearing contact lenses for sport

There are many myths about contact lenses and it’s important to understand some of them in order to avoid problems.

1. “Contact lenses are only used for people with bad sight”

2. “Wearing contact lenses can damage your eyesight”

3. “Wearing contact lenses can lead to eye infections”

4. “Wearing contact lenses can lead to corneal ulcers”

5. “You cannot wear contact lenses during sports events or swimming competitions”

6. “Contact lens use is prohibited for people under 18 years of age or who have not attained the legal age for driving a car”

7. “If you wear contacts, you will not be allowed to fly on an airplane at

contact lenses types

New contact lenses types hit the market each year, and there are a lot to choose from.

There are four major categories of contact lens:

– Disposable Lenses

– Daily Disposable Lenses

– Hydrogel Lenses

– Soft Contact Lenses

Daily disposable lenses

These are used to correct short or long sightedness, and can often be used by those who are considering Presbyopia surgery to get a feel for how their vision will work afterward. They are probably the healthiest and most convenient way to wear contact lenses. A fresh clear lens every day with no need for solutions. An ideal solution for when you don’t want to wear glasses.

Silicone hydrogel lenses

This newer generation types of contact lenses allows more oxygen to reach the eye than standard hydrogel lenses. Unlike hydrogel lenses, the oxygen permeability of SiHy lenses depends on the amount of silicone used, not the water content

Silicone has a gel-like consistency that is flexible and often used in other medical devices, such as medical implants7.

Soft lenses

Soft contact lenses are made from gel-like, water-containing plastics called hydrogels or silicone hydrogels. These lenses are very thin and pliable and conform to the front surface of the eye.

Sports stars who wear contact lenses

Today, contact lenses are no longer an item for “those with bad eyesight,” and many people wear contacts for cosmetic purposes. Contact lenses can change the color of your eyes and give you a crystal clear appearance.

The market is flooded with eye-contact lenses that are available in different colors. They can be found in any drug store or online store.

Contact lenses come in all colours, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

There are even brands that offer prescriptions for contact lenses specifically made for those who need them for medical reasons like astigmatism or nearsightedness.

Sports Stars That Where Contact Lenses 

  • Cristiano Ronaldo 
  • David De Gea
  • Mario Balotelli
  • Jérôme Boateng
  • Edgar Davids


If you are unsure if contacts are suitable for you come to our Opticians in Heckmondwike and speak to one of our optometrists.