A good cleansing routine is a must when you want to keep the dirt and grime of your face under control. Unfortunately, too many people wash their faces with water alone or with facial cleansers that are not suited to their skin type. They then wonder why the dirt and grime doesn’t just slip right off their faces. That’s because regular washing or cleansing removes natural oils from your skin. When you use an oil-based skin care product, however, the natural oils your skin naturally produces are washed away and the dirt and grime sticks to your skin.

An oil serum for face will ensure you get rid of all traces of dirt and grime without having to wash your face more than once or twice a week. So what exactly is an oil-based product? There are several different types available in the market today. Some are water-based, some have oil components, and some can even be made as a leave-on cream. It is best to choose the product that best fits your skin type and your needs.

The ingredients of an oil serum for face should contain jojoba oil, olive oil, and essential fatty acids. These natural ingredients are moisturizing and help fight bacteria and oil buildup. A good product should also contain vitamins A, D, and E. Essential fatty acids are particularly good for the skin since they keep the skin supple and moist. As you age, however, it becomes more important to have essential fatty acid in your skin regimen.

Oil-based serums are generally applied before bedtime and left on throughout the night. For a more even application, you can apply them as soon as you finish washing your face. The serum will give you a smoother appearance and feel. Unlike water-based products, an oil-based product can be left on for up to 24 hours without washing away or drying out your skin.

After cleansing, use a toner to remove any traces of moisturizer. Toner should be used in the morning and nighttime for optimal results. Exfoliation should also be done once a week to remove dead skin cells. This helps create a healthier glow for your face. After exfoliation, follow up with a moisturizer that contains SPF.

There are many oil serum for face care products available in drugstores and groceries. If you want to try a more natural product, try a product that combines ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, and rosewater. You can create your own facial mask for every day and use it at night for extra softness.