A recent internet posting about tree hugging has caused quite a stir, with some people calling it disgusting and others defending it. The issue actually originated from a tree hugging woman who was interviewed in a local newspaper. She stated that she enjoyed the feeling it gave her when a large mature tree parted company with her. She even stated that she would hug the trees that she came into contact with while out in the forest.

While Tree Huggers might feel better hugging trees as a way to help alleviate their anxiety, there are some potential dangers associated with it that should be discussed before adopting this lifestyle. For one, when a Tree Hugger is hugging a tree, they are almost certainly going to put their arms around the tree themselves. As a result, they will likely become attached to the bark of the tree they are hugging, and this can cause problems in terms of both health and safety. Hugging trees can also cause an individual’s skin to become rough and scratchy. These effects are typically not felt until after an individual has hugged several trees, so it is difficult to estimate how much pain will be experienced.

In addition, Tree Huggers may not realize how dangerous tree hugging can be for the rest of the natural world. When trees are removed for harvesting, they are cut down without taking into account what happens to the surrounding soil. This can mean massive imbalances in the environment. Not only will the natural world be affected by the number of trees removed for harvesting, but so will the living creatures that depend on the soil for their existence. Due to the fact that trees can easily absorb carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen, there will be an imbalance of the environment which can lead to massive greenhouse gas production.

On a lighter note, some have commented that they feel that there are a number of health benefits to be had from hugging a tree. One such comment made was that the heat felt while embracing a tree was similar to getting a sun tan. The reason why this is mentioned is because many of us feel that while sun tanning, we lose part of our sense of self, as well as being exposed to a great deal of UV radiation. By embracing a living being, one is able to receive the same health benefits.

On a final note, some have commented that they feel that while tree hugging is generally considered to be symbolic, they do not feel that it has any specific meaning. However, the majority of people who have engaged in this activity will stand by their beliefs that the act is therapeutic. In fact, more than one has stated that they believe that it is an integral part of yoga. There is even a school of thought that believes that it is necessary to embrace multiple trees in order to gain the right meditative benefits. This allows us to embrace the natural beauty found throughout nature in order to gain the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits associated with them.

Tree hugging can be an activity that provides its own set of health benefits. However, it can also provide a great deal of pleasure for those who participate. Some who have done it so far to say that they simply enjoy the feeling of having so many different types of life around them. Perhaps it is this aspect of it that gives it such a powerful effect on the mind. Regardless of what you personally think of the matter, it can be safe to say that tree hugging can provide its participants with a great deal of pleasure, as well as some wonderful health benefits.