About me

The internet is full of lifestyle blogs catering to different niches that have evolved with time. Yes, I have grown up reading most of them, yet I cannot relate to the majority of their advice. Lifestyle blogging is an art which needs regular expression and a humongous experience. Publishing lifestyle related articles is more than a passion for me as it provides meaning to my life. 

There is nothing I am good at except that I can observe, think and write about things that most lifestyle bloggers avoid. Although it pushes me towards a specific category yet the dynamic of my write-ups are not limited. You might have recognized that articles on this website do not cater to a particular audience; instead, they come from different backgrounds to reflect different situations. 

I might not be an expert storyteller or someone who uses extravagant language tools. My style is a lot different from what you are comfortable too. This website not only deals with fashion, as most lifestyle blogs do, it also reflects on sports, travel food and other things that are part of our daily lives. It is the sole reason I have incorporated an “Uncategorized” page for articles that do not come under the standard set of documents.  

With all the above-stated information in mind, I would like to introduce myself as a fan of lifestyle blogging. I have been gazing at my computer screen for the better part of my life. All I ever did was to study and learn from the best lifestyle websites of our generation. While my friends were attending events and socializing, I was supervising blogs that do not impart value in the reader’s life. 

I used to talk with the authors, comment on their articles, provide suggestions and criticize their negatives. Eventually, it dawned on me that creating a blog was my only destination. I had been planning for this moment my whole life yet creating a website was not something I knew. 

With the help of my close ones, I created a primary blog without pictures and fancy decorations. It was an information-based website that has a serious look. Although, I knew this was insignificant yet it was the start of something special. 

Gradually, I used professional help to create a website worthy of contending an authentic lifestyle blog. Seemingly, I came across a lot of readers who guided me towards building a website that can attract more traffic. As lucky I was to meet these people, the learning curve made me more serious about lifestyle blogging. 

As of now, I entertain an impressive number of monthly users who have connected with me on various levels. Working on my website and answering queries is the happiest part of my day and I want to reach out to more people. 

I am proud to announce that I have been able to master a lot of spaces that I was ignorant about like food and travel. To keep things authentic I went to many destinations and realized the love people have for new cuisine and new places. Thus, I am more comfortable with writing on these topics than any other aspect of lifestyle blogging. 

Right now, I am more capable of writing articles that can change the way we live our life. I have to provide positivity in a world that is undoubtedly celebrating anger and hatred. Lifestyle blogging is more than regular articles that are read for killing time. It is a powerful tool to shape the thinking of my readers and the people close to them. 

After going through the website, you will get a clear idea of my thoughts and expectations from my readers. We must make conscious efforts to make our lives better and inspire those who require support. I am here for a cause and will do my best to achieve my goals. 

Anyways, apart from the serious talks, the website is a funhouse for anyone who wants to learn new things and experience life-changing events. I assure you that you will feel like a kid in a candy store for my articles are as exciting as informative they are. 

Don’t wait to scan through the content as I will publish new articles regularly.  Be part of the project and enjoy my existence in your life.