My Favorite Festivals

My Favorite Festivals

I’ve travelled almost the entire country and attended some of the best and most exciting festivals anybody can experience. With 50 different states, America has a lot to offer, especially in terms of events and celebrations. Here I will be informing you about the finest festivals in our country. I hope that you already know about them but don’t worry, even if you don’t. It is my honour to remind you about the great festivals celebrated by us proud Americans. 

Kutztown Folk Festival

Held between June 29 – July 7 it is the most visitor-friendly festivals in the United States. Started in the 1950s the festival was the brainchild of three professors to unite the German population residing in Pennsylvania.  As of now, it is the biggest celebration in America, and I feel that local culture has been a huge reason behind its success. 

You will be witnessing a culmination of traditional music and costumes where people pay homage to their ancestors. There are many workshops to take part, and the people are willing to educate you about their culture too. 

I recommend you to try bread and pastries as they are not only mouthwatering but are also unique in their taste. 

New Orleans Mardi Grass

Mardi Grass festival is popularly known as the most colourful and flamboyant festivals in America. The event ticks in a lot of parades and acts across the city. Organized by the social clubs active in the region, it is a showcase of flashy costumes and demonstrations with giant floats spotted all over the city.  The festival is also celebrated by throwing multicoloured party cups and other cute looking objects in the air. Before attending the celebration, you must know about the colour scheme, which consists of gold purple and green that stand for power, justice, and faith.   

Jazz and heritage festival 

The music-oriented festival is held in the party town of America- New Orleans. Although, the city is full of clubs and parties throughout the year yet seldom you will see the heritage and local talent perform their art. The festival is a showcase of the non-commercial side of New Orleans where music and art co-exist in harmony. Being a contender of the best music festivals of the country, it will mesmerize you and will also expose you to something never seen before. 

Burning Man festival 

Held in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, the festival demands tailor-made trip for complete enjoyment. Earlier, the festival was known to sport hippies, but in reality, it strengthens the bond of community feeling among the visitors. People who visit the festival have the responsibility of creating the carnival from scratch. 

The festival is known for its fascinating musical performances, insane art installations and the energy of the participants. If you are looking for a typical tourist destination, then this festival is not for you. However, if you are ready to experience something raw and real, then do not think twice before booking tickets to Nevada. 

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

A sky full of multicoloured air balloons and people having great fun on the ground, this is what the international balloon festival looks like.  Held in Albuquerque, New Mexico the celebration is the host of more than 500 air balloons each year and the numbers are going up. Due to so many balloons, the whole area spreads positivity and love among the visitors. 

Moreover, you can also rent a balloon to join the parade with like-minded people. But, make sure that you check the prices before using one or the festive mood can turn negative in no time. 

Aloha festival 

Celebrated in Honolulu, Hawaii, this festival is a great venue for children and families as it showcases the Hawaiian culture. The festival is held to save and promote Hawaiian culture and heritage and has lots of music shows and performances to offer. You will also come across the local food that is yummy and healthy at the same time. If vacation with family is on mind then, I would suggest you check in when the festival gets held. 

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and pack bags, or you will miss some the terrific human celebrations. Remember, festivals come only once a year- if you miss them this year, you will have to wait for it for another year.