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I don’t wish to push anymore on the importance of my readers to my blog. People who regularly read my articles already know that they hold a great place for them in my heart. Without readers, this website would have been another information portal lying around the internet. I feel lucky and honored to connect with people who respect and adore my presence in their life. Not to mention, the efforts of my team, that has allowed me to interact with people who matter continuously. 

    But, it is essential to speak up about the necessity of communicating with your audiences. I will be talking about the ways to get in touch with me later. Let’s understand the effects direct connection can have over the readers as well as me. I can understand the psyche of my readers. Plus they often tell about their expectations from the blog.  The information has guided me to making new and better articles. Possibly, some of my knowledge about the various subjects I write comes from the interactions I have with my readers. 

    Again, I must insist you undertake the task of communicating your feelings with me. I am not a council waiting to judge but a helping hand that understands and guides towards a better path.  Do not hold back anything or I won’t be able to provide you the best possible solution to any issue you might have. 

    Now, it’s time to explain the best method for connecting with me. To directly reach out please subscribe to my newsletter and send me a mail with your questions and requests.  You can ask me endless queries or talk about your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions about this website’s improvement.  Furthermore, there is no character limitation, and you can talk about anything you like. It can also be your life story or a specific event you would like to discuss. 

    However, I would like to request you to send precise queries that not only save your time but mine too. I have time limitations and profoundly love those emails that are focused on a particular point without providing unnecessary information. Although, I am open to exceptions yet long mails are not preferable. Nonetheless, direct emails have been and still are the best method to connect with me. This process gives a very formal coat to our conversations that help me to recognize emails from the past in no time. That said, make sure you do not copy paste content or send emails without subject as I hardly only my spam list. There is no benefit of sending a mail that will never be seen and replied. 

    The second method of communication is no surprise either. You can easily connect with me on various social media platforms. It includes popular websites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  Majority of the people I am in connection with come from these platforms. It is likely that they find it easy to inbox me about their issues meanwhile engaging in their social life.  But, for the record, I take more time in replying on these websites as there are endless messages which I have to sort depending on their authenticity. Thus, I do personally connect on social platforms, yet you cannot expect prompt replies unless it’s an exception. 

    Moreover, social media platforms allow you to connect with many other people who might have similar thinking as you.  You can join my community of followers that are regularly updated about the website and its future endeavors.  Here, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts with other readers and get comments over your posts. Not only will you make new connections but will also become popular among like-minded people. 

    You can also connect with me by commenting and sharing articles on this website. It is an excellent method to share your thoughts about particular items and criticize anything you might not like. This act also provides too many people you might have felt the same as you did.  I am keen on answering such comments as soon as possible. It increases engagement on my website plus I get to know the flaws in my writings.  

    Go through the entire website before coming up with queries as I might have already given your answers. Stay positive and let life flourish through all of us.